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Mar. 27. 2021

AJ Raval will get naked in the upcoming film, Death_of a Girlfriend (2021). It will streaming exclusively at VivaMax site and KTX (PPV) at end April 2021.

Jan. 29, 2021

Just a quick recap on "Paglaki Ko, Gusto Ko Maging Pornstar (2020)".
* No nudity. No topless scenes or anything. What you see from the trailer. That's about it.
* More AJ Raval braless wet see-thru shirt including closeups. (That's about it)
* No nudity from Rose Van Ginkel and Ana Jalandoni (Just hype from their interviews).
* The title "Pornstar" is so far-fetched when the film has nothing to do with Porn.
Without nudity, there's nothing "porn" about it. It's just normal instagram post.
* Rated X by MTRCB. X for maybe a lot of cursing and porn terms not for actual nudity.
* We liked the movie because of Rosanna Roces' antics and Alma Moreno's funny moments.
* Kudos to the promoter and the trailer. It really hyped-up this film but didn't deliver on what people may have expected for a sexy film.
- ZG


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NUDITY NEWS: Nov. 25, 2020
I might get a copy of Daisy Reyes' Karinyosa film. Soon to review.

AUG. 08, 2020
Riri Nanatsumori (Fil-Jap) August JAV debut

She has been involved in leisure activities in Japan since she was 14 years old with her former name: Matsumoto Suzuko
She is a model, MC, has participated in several television programs, magazines, MVs, Books
She is half-blood (her father is Japanese, her mother is Filipino)
Riri Nanatsumori - 七ツ森りり
Birth: 8th June - 1995
Height: 153cm
Sizes: B89cm(F) - W62cm - H90cm
Hobbies/Skill: Travelling, Game



JUNE 8, 2020

Untrue 2019 have a better nude scene of Rhen Escano as per my source. And it will be premiered in Netflix ph June 22.
Untrue 2019

MAY 29 2020
(New Nudity and Old Nudity by AR934)

The documentary People Power Bombshell is actually about an unfinished Celso Ad Castillo film. Liz Alindogan is briefly topless. Also full frontal nudity from other starlets, I think one is Angela Perez. Be warned that the video quality is  deliberately quite poor throughout the entire film. The unfinished film is decaying. Anna Luna and Elora Espano is also in the cast but remained fully clothed.

* Mariel Rodriguez actually made her nude debut in Mga Ama, Ina, Anak. She bares her butt briefly. I read somewhere that she didn't use a double since the scene was shot with her husband who was also nude btw but who knows for sure.

* Since you posted the Miss Saigon production, there is a video of the Manila cast floating around Youtube with Isay Alvarez and Lea Salonga appearing in bikinis/underwear. Lea only bared her back so no side boobs from her. The documentary The Heat is On did feature the opening strip number with Lea, Jenine Desiderio, Isay, and a cheeky appearance by Monique Wilson. You can even see the birthmark on her butt cheek! It's on youtube but I'm sure you can find a better quality somewhere.

I also noticed that Solenn Heussaff posted a bit of the birth scene from Misterio de la Noche on Instagram. Yeah looks like nipple tape to me.

Stage actress Gigi Duenas has a topless scene in the foreign B film Dog Tag (1980's). Here's a still shot I found.

Cinemalaya 2019 (nudity review submitted by AR934) Nudity review in this year's cinemalaya so you'd know what to expect.

There's NO Nudity from Mylene Dizon in Belle Douleur. There are several hot sex scenes though. There is an implied topless shot with a bit of side boob while she's dancing with Kit Thompson.

Sunshine Cruz shows her boobs in Malamaya but I think they blurred her nipples. It was shot mostly from the side as she's riding the guy.

* There's good news and bad news in Misterio de la Noche starring Solenn Heussaff. The good news is that Solenn Heussaff appears nude and in all fours throughout the entire movie! The bad news is that I think she's wearing pasties. She has Rica Peralejo-looking implants in case you were wondering. There are a couple of butt shots though and there are two hot sex scenes even though they are dimly lit. One missionary and one woman on top.